Moments and memories frozen in time....


This is likely the one page where I stumble.
What does one say about oneself and what words do you use to describe yourself?  Words are often inadequate when I see images, be it in colour or black and white......
Francois Cloete - a photographer, an avid learner and someone who can get lost in a museum, a street or the bush.  I am fortunate that I have a space where I can get creative with light, some very patient models I have been fortunate to work with and creative friends and friends who are critical and honest enough to share their views and criticism.
A few years ago I was asked do you have a  distinct style.  I still do not know that answer and would leave it to the viewer to decide....  I do like the way that I can use shade, darkness and light in different ways.  A mentor whom I have been following and learning from said one need to be able to see the light to understand the light.  My quest is to try and record the light that I is not always easy but a journey that is enjoyable.
Photography is a passion for me,  it affords one the opportunity to play with light, record moments and memories and offers a creative outlet.  Being able to see the world through a viewfinder offers perspective and an escape.
You are also most welcome to contact me for any collaboration, workshops in studio work or photography and lessons in Photoshop.


Working with Yolanda Small from Taureen Artistry for make up on projects




Working with Liezl Nortje Jansen on designs and dresses on certain projects


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